Fly away baby girl

Tomorrow my first born, my baby girl, the 1st person who made my realize how much I could love someone, the girl who changed my life forever, is moving away from home. Tomorrow she'll say goodbye and move 4 hours away. Tomorrow she will spread her wings and fly away from the nest. Tomorrow a piece of my heart will go with her. How do I ever tell her how utterly proud I am to be her Mom, that God choose me for a reason. That I'm proud to be her Mom, forever. We grew up together, did everything together, she was my mini me. Tomorrow life will never be the same. I know this is just another stepping stone in life. In her life, this is the jump she's taking, with both feet. There are a few things I should tell her before she goes....Kate I hope you know just how much I will always love you, now read a few life lessons....
▪️ You are capable of so much more than you think!!!
▪️ always follow your passions and achieve your dreams, don't let anyone tell you that you can't. 
▪️ find some great girlfriends, without them life will be so much harder. You will always need them and they will inspire and encourage you!!!
▪️ take some risks, you just never know.
▪️ love with all your heart and soul. The heart, remember is a muscle it doesn't break, it just gets bruised and bruises fade in time, sometimes a long time but they do.
▪️ manage your money and always earn your own.
▪️ it's okay to be by yourself. 
▪️ never stop learning
▪️ trust your woman's intuition, if it feels wrong, it probably is - run!
▪️ believe in faith, trust in God, and always always remember to call your Mom, she will forever be here to listen, cry, laugh, and I will always love you with all my heart forever. 
Spread your wings my darling, for you shall fly!!!


All by myself....

So I'm just gonna say it, if you don't already know, I'm single. For the first time in 18 years. Single, unmarried, divorced, done. It's been 16 months since it was final. I've fallen apart and been put back together, with help from my bestest friends and family, and fallen apart all over again. But I'm okay, kids are okay, no really they are. I'm really okay, I swear. I have faith and amazing friends to guide me on the right path for the future, whatever it holds, and that's really all I have to say about that.


Teenagers.....Need I Say More???

I thought I would share with you 10 Random Things About Teenagers that you may not know, seeing as many of you are in the teen phase, I'd thought I would share. Plus I have 2, going on 3 {well she'll be a tween - same thing} so I have some experience. 

1. "On time" is a relative term. For example, being on time for school is important to you as a parent, not so much for your teenager. However, being on time to pick up your teen is vitally important at all times.

2. Sarcasm is not amusing to a teenager unless of course it is aimed at a sibling. Then it is hilarious.

3. Fashion is not in the eye of the beholder, it is in the eye of the teenager. A parent can walk straight off the runway in Milan and still be un-cool. Whatever the teenager is wearing at the moment? That is cool.

4. No matter how well you did on your own SATs or in college or even in life, you will never be as smart as your teenager. They know everything.

5. Family meal time means two different things depending on who uses the term. To a parent, it means we eat together and share our day together as a family. To a teenager, it means that the meal is ready for everyone at the same time to eat whenever and where ever they happen to be.

beaver, hungry, forest, mother, child, eat, surrounded, tree,

6. A clean house is only important if the teenager is having friends over. If the parents are having company or just want the house to look nice, it is not that important.

7. Saving money does not mean saving for important things like bills or food. For a teenager it means saving money so they can have _____(Fill in the blank).

8. Texting is a vital means of communication -- unless your mother is texting you. That is never cool. (Unless you are asking them about food or picking them up from wherever. Those texts are always important, yet still not cool.)

9. Speaking of cool, you are not. If you are a parent, give it up. You can try. You could be the coolest person among every adult you know, but to your teen, you are never cool. (Unless you saved enough money to buy them the item coveted in #7. Then you are cool for a second. Enjoy that moment -- it won't last.)

10. Remember that no matter how much you think you know about your teenagers, they can change at a moment's notice. The most important random thing to remember: You can never really know all there is to know about teens.

turkey, piercing, style, generation, old, young, understand,

Now, don't be discouraged by this. If you think back to your teen years, I am sure you can relate to many of these truths. The beauty of it is they will outgrow all this and one day a miracle happens: parents suddenly become cool and smart, and maybe, just maybe they will listen to you....

I am still waiting for that to happen, but I know it will. My parents have become more and more brilliant the older I have become.

Love you back XOXO


My People Have the Effin’ Flu

It’s inevitable. It happens almost every year. It starts out slow. At first you’re not even sure what’s happening. But then it hits you like a ton of bricks. Your kids have the flu. The mother effin’ flu.
It’s just so awful. I remember being childless and having the flu. It was so bad. But not as bad as having to take care of my people when you’re not sure if you even have it or not, it's the worst, the NOT KNOWING....especially when I'm begging and praying I'm not gonna get it!!! .
It all began on Saturday night. Of course, Nathan walks in and says his head, throat, and body hurts. Then I saw the look.
You know the look. The one that says I’m bout to hafta to go bed for days Mom, and can you be at my beck and call look?? 
When they’re little, it’s so scary. They don’t understand what’s going on. But when they are older they totally get it, and even worse....They pass it along faster!!!! Ugh
So two days pass before he gets to the doctor and of course he's positive for the flu... Not a sign of another kid in sight of getting it. Then two more days pass and Kate starts in with the throat thing and then she can barely talk, by Wednesday she's positive for the flu! I knew it, another one down...Abandon ship!!!
Deep in my heart, I knew it was coming. Now when is it going to hit the third child?? Two more days?? I shutter, by Friday we will know.....
Holy Mary Mother of God. What in the hell happened here, I keep my house pretty clean and now I've got Clorox wipes everywhere wiping everything down, Lysol is my best friend!!! I'll be honest, I'm kinda a mad woman with the wipes and hand sanitizer. 

Clearly Brooklyn's going to get it, I'd almost bet on it, but for now she is currently my favorite.
The older ones are insanely crabby, tired, coughing, sneezing, and relentlessly calling for "MOM". So pleasant to be around. And this is where life starts to suck, just a little, but enough to make you wanna run in the opposite direction of your children and your house, because it's infected!!! Abort abort!!!

For now Mark and I and Brooke are okay, but I'm sure within the week we will all suffer at it's mercy. I'm off to grab masks, vitamin C boost, more Clorox wipes, hopefully get some Tamiflu, and a bunch of thin mints...Cause I'm sure I'll be next, but I'm doing everything to prevent this horrid stuff from getting to the rest of us!!! 


My son is driving and I wanna puke

Recently, I've been really stressing about my kids getting older.

Yea yea...I know that's just going to happen but it's getting closer day by day to the end of the school year and I just adjusted to having a daughter in college and my son being a Freshman in High School. This Fall I have to adjust to having my youngest in 6th grade. OHHHHHH the horror!!!!

 Let's talk about my middle child, my son, my drive me crazy everyday boy. Who just happens to be 6ft tall and stronger than I ever thought possible. He literally can see the top of my head. Ugh, why do they have to grow up so fast? He's was just a little child wanting a bedtime story right?? When did he get so darn big???

 What we've been talking about lately.......taking driver's ed, passing his test.....and getting his permit to DRIVE!!!..... I wanna puke at the thought of my kid driving around by HIMSELF!!! {luckily I have 10 months to wait}

 Call me a worry wart or whatever but the thought really makes me sick. Not only has the last 15 years flew by but there are so many changes to come. I just don't think I'm ready, although I did make it through Kate driving, but with Nathan...it's SOOOOOO different, and so much more scarier.

 He drives fast and then slams on the breaks, jerks around corners, and makes he as nervous as ever, by which I'm holding on for dear life to the door, which then he says that makes HIM nervous..Well hell I can't win!!!

 I keep running all the rules I want to set for him in my head but I think I may be being unreasonable...and of course he knows ALL the rules about driving...Like I haven't been driving for over 20 years!!! Seriously, the kid quotes the book.

 I want him safe from other drivers and of course himself. I remember my Mom always saying that it the other drivers he was worried about not just me. Well what ever there is to worry about, I've thought of it!!! Over over and over again...

 Is this normal?

 Is there a coping mechanism that I'm missing? AND why does driving a car also bring up the topics of speeding and oh Mom, I can make that light..Like I need more to stress about. Do you think he will appreciate the no girl/girls in the car rule??? Cause I have one.

Please tell me I'm crazy.....


A Dirty Secret

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.*
My name is Tara, um, I mean it’s Sara (forgot I was protecting the innocent here). Anyway, I live in the rough and tumble world of the suburbs. You know the 'burbs. Places people dream about. A house. A small yard. Clean air. Room for kids to play. You get the jist....
Well those ‘burbs are no picnic if you are a mom like me.
Yes, you know moms just like me. Slightly chubby. Mom hair. Mom car. I draw the line at mom jeans though, just so you know. Ahem. Moving on. I have great kids, and a good life, and even a Yorkie.
And one very dirty secret.
I’m addicted to Girl Scout cookies. Seriously. I can’t stay away. They are like crack to me. Every year around this time, evil troops of Girls Scouts plan their cookie selling routes and they always, always include my house or where I shop or where I'm walking, they are literally everywhere.
Oh, I try to avoid them. I mean, my intentions every February are to stick to My New Year’s diet plan.  But when those little girls come around, their little arms piled high with all kinds of yummy treats…well, who am I to turn them down? Seriously, people. They are so dang cute – all those boxes and boxes of cookies. Yeah, yeah, the girls are cute too.
I try to resist but I can’t. So I buy them. Boxes and boxes of Thin Mints and Samoas. And of course, I eat them. Boxes and boxes of Thin Mints and Samoas. EAT.THEM.ALL.
And sometimes, my kids or Mark...um, I mean Marc, hide them from me. They are not trying to hurt me. They are just trying to help me. They see me when I come down from my Thin Mint-induced sugar high. All wide-eyed and looking to score a Samoas or even a Lemonades. Shaking because I can’t even find a dang tag-a-long in the pantry.
But I can find the dealers. They hang out on the street corners near my house. Oh they say they’re playing and riding bikes, but I know the truth. They are waiting for moms like me. I find a cute one missing her front teeth. I pull up next to her in my mom car and silently pass her $4, all folded and rolled, my eyes searching to make sure the local workout moms don’t catch me in my shameful act. The cutie with no front teeth reaches into her backpack, slips out a box of Thin Mints and I take them, even though I already have 3 boxes at home, I must hide them quickly!!!
Yes, I’m that desperate.
Only one thing sustains me. It will soon be over. Cookie season will be done and gone and after I detox from all the sugar, I’ll be back to normal.  Of course, my pants size will never be the same again. But that’s a small price to pay for the deliciousness that is the Thin Mint.


Facebook + Me = Happiness

Ok I'll admit it: I *heart* Facebook I mean I LOVE it!!!

"Like" button is my fav....Like, like, like. Comment. Add friend. Accept friend request. Suggest friends. Chat. Comment some more....LOVE

It is the awesomeness time-suck ever. Just random stuff and random peeps spilling their guts about meaninglessly random stuff, stuff I need to know...Like if your husband cheated or your kids won a spelling bee...come on this is good stuff people!!! (spell check is telling me "awesomeness" is not a word. It has no problem, apparently, with 'time-suck". )

Where was I....

Oh yeah, one of my absolute favorite things to do on Facebook is "LIKE" certain pages.

You can "like" pages, for example: "Support Same Sex Marriage" or other important crap, but you can also join groups like:

"I Don't Remember Getting This Bruise"

"Thinking If U Raise Your Cell Phone 6 Inches In the Air U Will Get Service"

"I Re-do High Fives If They Weren't Good Enough the First Time"

"I Say Dude Right Before I Say Something Moderately Important"
"Anne Frank Would Be So Pissed If She Knew Everyone Read Her Diary"

All of which I randomly look up.

So anyway. I joined this group yesterday called "Things I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Like". 
And I am going to give you my answers....

Ok...Soooooo here it goes


How much time I actually spend at Starbucks, also the amount of money

Target and their awesome stuff!!!...It's like they suck you into everything in the store!!!

The Simpsons 

Nick Jonas

The Real Housewife's of New Jersey 

Playing gambling games on my phone, yea, like I'd really spend 1,000 a spin on a slot machine..ha!

Taking selfies 

Milli Vanilli

Any kind of chocolate

Ice cream in winter

The smell of Sharpie markers


All the Back to the Future movies, I watch them EVERY TIME they are on TV

Bread Pudding

Sweet, and I mean *SWEET* tea

and swearing....I do like to swear, until my children repeat it...Ugh



Lame....party of one?? Yea, that'd be me.....

The ugly...terrifying...inevitable descent into the Uncool status.

I thought I had a few more years to go until I became my Mom, I mean my IPhone is the 6 plus. I buy Miss Me jeans. I have a Facebook, Instagram, and I Blog, I even do face time calls.

 But, as with my own mother....it all starts.... with a song lyric.

Year: We'll say the 80's
Song: "Jessie's Girl"
Artist: Rick Springfield
My mom: "....I'll play along with the parade"
Me: "......I'll play along with this charade!!!!!"
My mom: ".....I'll play along with this charade"

Year: Present Day
Song: "Blank Space"
Artist: Taylor Swift
Me: "....Got a long list of Starbucks lovers"
Tween: ".....Got a long list of ex-lovers God, Mom."
Me: "...."Got a long list of Starbucks lovers...heehee"

Year: Present Day
Song: "Jealous"
Artist: Nick Jonas
Me: "...I turn my cheap music up And I’m puffing my chest I’m getting ready red in the face You can call me obsessed"
Tween: "CHIN MUSIC UP!!!!"
Me"...fine, chin music up, but my way sounds better"

Year: Present Day
Song: "Take Me To Church"
Artist: HOZIER
Me: "...Take me to church I'll worship like a dog at the shine of your life I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife"
Tween: "Oh My GOD!!! I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies!!!!
Me: "...Sooooo not listening to the radio with you anymore.."

 Lame, party of one.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse....

She turns up the radio.